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Speedometer Not Working?

If your instrument cluster including the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, and heat gauge, is malfunctioning, you can now have it repaired for a fraction of the replacement costs. Acadian Speedometer Repair works fast to get you back on the road and our work is guaranteed with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

I can have your dash cluster fixed within 24 hours and back in the mail, so your vehicle can be back on the road even more quickly. Are you local to the New Orleans or Baton Rouge area? Avoid the hassle of shipping by giving us a call. I’ll remove the malfunctioned instrument cluster for you and fully rebuild your cluster.

We repair all types of speedometers and instrument clusters.

The most common cluster repair we perform is for GM clusters, but we also repair all other types of speedometers and instrument clusters. If you have a unique speedometer or you have any questions about what our work covers, just give us a call.

Below is a list of common speedometers we repair:



LED Speedometer Upgrades

Change the default colors in your speedometer to the latest and greatest in LED lighting technology! Have your dated speedometer professionally upgraded by adding lighting, customizing needles, lenses, and more.


ABS Module Repair

Can’t get the ABS light to go off? Don’t ignore that signal. Contact Acadian Speedometer Repair about how we can fix your ABS module, and you’ll still be able to drive your vehicle in the meantime. Learn more about our ABS Module Repair Services here.